Saturday, April 7, 2018

Day 7 - Tarascon and Arles

Arles, with a number of sites associated with Vincent van Gogh, as well as some fascinating ancient Roman monuments. and the city's expansive open-air food market, with plenty of local delicacies, including Burgundian and Jura cheeses, heirloom vegetables, honey, and sausages.
We sailed from Avignon at 05:00 and arrived at Tarascon at 08:00. Tarascon is 270 km from Lyon and 9 km north of Arles. After breakfast, we drove by bus to Arles, a Roman medieval town with a large amphitheater. A guided tour of the city and heard the history and saw the Roman ruins as well as the town's churches. Vincent van Gogh lived in Arles for a couple of years. In town he had a tribal cafe that he painted the facade on. However, the cafe was destroyed during World War II, but an enterprising cafeteria has built a similar cafe - yet somewhere else in town. We ended up in Arles in the morning to visit the local market. An impressive market with everything you would like to buy. Fresh vegetables, fish, meat, spices, clothes, shoes, etc.

Back at the ship at 13 we ate breakfast. In the afternoon we enjoyed the sun on the front deck. Dragged a cappuccino and read the newspaper today. At 18:00 we sailed back to Avignon - we sat in the van Gogh lounge and followed the trip through the last sluice of the trip on the way to Avignon. For dinner it was 'Alma Rosa evening'. 6 pinot blanc, Chardonnay of Pinot Noir wines were served for dinner. At 20 pm we reached below the city walls of Avignon. After dinner we packed the suitcases.