Sunday, April 1, 2018

Day 1 - Embarkation in Lyon

We stayed at Marriott in Lyon the night before our cruise.
After breakfast at the hotel we took a taxi to Quai Claude Bernard where SS Catherine was moored. 
We were among the first guests when we arrived at 11:30 - handed our suitcases to the staff and checked in. Lunch was served at 12:30. 
Before lunch we enjoyed a cappuccino in the Van Gogh lounge. 
There was a lovely buffet in the C├ęzanne restaurant. Before the cabins were ready at 15, we sat and read the daily news in the Van Gogh lounge. 
At 17:00 we were at the Alma Rosa Winery reception. In 2007, we visited Alma Rosa Winery and we have imported Alma Rosa wines into Denmark for a number of years - we have booked the trip through Montrose Travel. The Alma Rosa Winery tour was arranged by Touring & Tasting and Montrose Travel in California.
After the Alma Rosa reception there was 'Muster Drill' followed by information meeting by the Cruise manager tanya on Monday's activities. 
Right now, the water level in the Saone River is elevated due to heavy rain and melting snow, so we could not sail north to Macon during the night - we will stay in Lyon. In the evening we had a really nice dinner consisting of salad with green asparagus, lamb and parfait / strawberry with meringue - included excellent local wines. We ended the evening with a cappuccino and avec (Baileys and Cognac). The cabin is nicely decorated with a nice bathroom - a large window that can be opened with table and chairs in front of the window.