Monday, April 2, 2018

Day 2 - Burgundy and Beaune

At 07:00 am we sailed down the Rhone River, but unfortunately we could not sail to Macon because of high tide in Saone - we could not get under the bridges. The sailing did end after 5 km at Lyon Confluence, where the Rhone and Saone rivers meet! We have signed-up for the free excursion 'Burgundy vineyards and Hospice de Beaune'.
After a nice breakfast, we drove by buses to Macon instead of sailing. From there through Burgundy's vineyards to Beaune.
In Beaune we first got a guided tour where we heard about Beaune's history, culture and city significance for the development of Burgundy wines. Then we went for a walk in the city - saw the churches, the old part of the city and the city walls. After lunch, we had a guided tour at Hotel Dieu or 'Hospices de Beaune', which until the 1970s was a hospital for the poor. The monks have been making and selling wine to support their charitable work since the 15th century.  In the late afternoon we drove back to the ship in Lyon. 
Before dinner there was the captain's welcome. For dinner we got foie gras, calve tournedos and souffle with mango sorbet. For this, selected Burgundy wines - excellent wines!. After dinner there was entertainment in the Van Gogh lounge. During the evening, the ship sailed from Lyon Confluence to Lyon city, which we will visit on Tuesday.

Vineyards in Bourgogne
Hospices de Beaune