Thursday, April 5, 2018

Day 5 - Viviers

Founded in the fifth century, Viviers retains much of its medieval character and charm, with narrow lanes and historic structures, such as the Maison des Chevaliers (House of Knights). Visited the sights on foot, then climb Rue du Château to had a nice view from the 12th-century St. Vincent Cathedral.
We have now reached 165.8 km down the Rhone River - have arrived to Viviers, on the right bank of Rhône in southern Ardèche. The city has retained much of its history. A road flanked by old plate trees leads from the river up to the old buildings - 'The former Bishop's Palace' and Maison des Chevaliers. From the top of Châteauvieux Belvedere, there was a stunning panoramic view of the city's roofs and the Rhone Valley. We visited St. Vincent Cathedral, where the choir is decorated with old tapestries. We did have the guided tour 'Viviers including exclusive organ concert in the cathedral'. On the way back to the ship, a visit to a private home was arranged - the house was refurbished with great respect for history and the owners of Vietnamese origin lived with inspiration from French Indochina. At .

View from the 'top of the Hil'
St. Vincent Cathedral
Townhouses in Viviers

Back on the ship we ate lunch, then we continued south in the most beautiful spring weather - we sat in the bow of the ship and got a cappuccino while enjoying the woods and the mountains that passed by. We sailed under many low bridges, which the ship could just pass. At 3 pm we passed the  Bollène lock at 189.4 km - the lock has a height difference of 24 meters and just wide enough for the ship to be in the lock - interesting to follow the passing of the lock. 
At km 215 we passed the Caserousse lock (9 m difference only). Before dinner we got a gin and tonic in the lounge. For dinner we chose fries for starters, chicken with mushroom sauce and cheese for dessert - Chateauneuf-du-Pape wines. At 9:00 pm we arrived at Avignon - 248 km from Lyon.

The cabin - with open window
Bollène Lock
Gin and tonic in Van Gogh Loungen