Friday, April 6, 2018

Day 6 - Avignon

Picturesque Avignon—a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the grand Palace of the Popes. 
The night to Friday we arrived in Avignon. SS Catherine lay moored just outside the old city wall. Just passing the road along the river and through the city walls - we were in the middle of old Avignon. After breakfast, we were on a guided tour ' Avignon walking tour and visit to the Palace of Popes' - the first stop was the city center with the town hall on Place de l'Horloge. Then we visited the impressive 'Palace of the Popes' and the local market Les Halles. On our way back to the ship, we drank a cappuccino at the Place de l'Horloge. Ate lunch after which we sat and read the newspaper on the back deck in the sun.

Avignon seen from the Rhone River
Les Halles Food Market
Les Halles Food Market

In the afternoon we walked along the river to Rochers des Doms, a rock from which there is a beautiful view of the Rhone river. On the way back we went out to Pont Saint-Bénézet (Pont d'Avignon). Through the city back to the ship. The rest of the afternoon we enjoyed the ship's deck. At 6:00 pm there was a captain's farewell reception - one day earlier than normal - there are strikes in France on Sunday, so some guests leave the ship when we return to Avignon on Saturday night or very early Sunday morning. For dinner we got shrimp and avocado cocktail, lobster bisque, beef tenderloin followed by local cheeses and finally a Baked Alaska - white wine from South Africa and Rhone red wine. After dinner there was entertainment in the Van Gogh lounge.

Cappuccino at Place de l'Horloge
Pont Saint-Bénézet
Palace of the Popes